The future of the past

In the summer of 2004, TriKing Games introduced a new game called Anachronism. Billed as a “movable card game,” Anachronism combined elements of miniatures games and collectible card games in a remarkably innovative way. Anachronism quickly gained popularity, but in some ways proved too ambitious, and the financial model wasn’t able to sustain the pace established early on. Despite the award-winning gameplay, financial pressures caused TriKing to close its doors in 2007. A Players’ Committee kept Anachronism going long enough to make two sets’ worth of cards—designed by TriKing’s team before the company folded, but never actually printed—available online to the game’s fans. The Players’ Committee did preliminary design work for one more set, but the project fizzled before the cards were playtested, and Anachronism faded from public view, still enjoyed here and there around the world but not officially supported.

I was heavily involved with Anachronism as a volunteer. In TriKing’s volunteer corp, the Mercenaries, I was Mercenary number 2 (chronologically, not implying any type of hierarchy or authority). And fairly early in Anachronism’s history, I started this website, Dystemporalia—one of the first (if not the first) fan site devoted to the game. One of the hallmarks of Dystemporalia was the Encyclopaedia Anachronistica, a reference work cataloging the game’s growing library of cards and rules/rulings.

Dystemporalia continued largely unchanged until early 2013, when some unpleasant website troubles prompted me to “reboot” all of my websites with a new host. Due to some mistakes I made during the backup process, the contents of Dystemporalia and another of my websites got jumbled together. Disentangling them and hunting down missing content turned out to be a bigger job than I expected, and a number of my files are nowhere to be found (yet). Therefore, Dystemporalia disappeared from the web for several months.

But hope springs eternal, and Dystemporalia has re-emerged from its obscurity to once again provide Anachronism players with a central repository of card images, information, and ideas. Whether you’re a long-time player or are just discovering Anachronism for the first time, I hope you find something useful here at Dystemporalia!