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Welcome to the Encyclopaedia Anachronistica!

The Encylopaedia Anachronistica is the premiere (welll, pretty much the only) online encyclopedia devoted to the Anachronism card game published by TriKing Games from 2004 to 2007 and continued by a Players' Committee into 2008.

Anachronism pits famous warriors (mostly) from history and mythology against each other in gladiatorial combat. (Deadliest Warrior was basically Anachronism turned into a television show, without due acknowledgement.) Each warrior is represented by a card that moves around the arena, which is divided into a 4 × 4 square grid. Each warrior also uses four “support cards” representing weapons, armor, and other influences. The game’s goal is simple: have more life points (a measure of your warrior’s stamina) than the opposing warrior at the end of five rounds of combat. Many matches are won by reducing the opposing warrior to 0 life before reaching round 5. A typical Anachronism match takes about 10–15 minutes. Tournaments often featured “best two out of three” or “best three out of five” structures.

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